Vibration of Awesome

The Vibration of Awesome

The Vibration of Awesome is the state in which we as humans thrive at our peak potential. The vibration is a feeling which can be lost and found again. When found, harnessed and embraced one can and will experience peak states of awesomeness which will catapult one further along a bliss field journey.

The point of this site is to introduce humans to the idea of living life to their fullest at all times. The Vibration of Awesome is the means to do so.

The goal is stepping into a state of being where the Vibration of Awesome is always present, amplifying every intention and experience within your life.

It is a journey…

Stepping into the Vibration of Awesome is not hard to do when the circumstances of your life are in a positive state of being. When your mind easily can focus more on the positive appreciation and enjoyment of life, the Vibration of Awesome is very easily obtained.

Sometimes the vibration will be lost and it is part of your path to discover within yourself what barriers may be resisting you from truly thriving in an incredible energy. Instances from our pasts and perhaps our very early childhood have the ability to sub consciously hinder us from doing a certain thing, thinking a certain way or just releasing one’s self from our blockages all together.

Maintaining The Vibration of Awesome

Though it wont be easy, by keeping your focus upon thriving in the Vibration of Awesome you inevitably will live among the vibration for longer periods of time until eventually you embrace the vibration in strong, long lasting strides of awesomeness that can last weeks, months and years.

In this site you will learn Incredible means of better utilizing the most valuable tool in your arsenal for peak life performance. That tool is your brain. With all the crazy conscious minded activities we are only using 10% of our minds in this awake state. 90% of our minds are dormant to our conscious mind yet very active in creating the world around us.

You will also learn how to shape the sleeping unconscious 90% of your mind, clear out all the garbage that has built upon the nuero pathways that make you who are today. Take it to the next level of rebuilding the pathways in your mind so that sub consciously everything is working for you rather than against you. You will experience a huge difference in mindset and all around feeling during the time you spend awake using the 10% of your brain power.

Utilizing your mind the right way can have over night effects as well as long term effects that may take some tweaking to get just right.

Just remember that when you aim for a life in the Vibration of Awesome, through adjusting and making the necessary changes in your thinking.You will be paving the way for a constant flow of life energy allowing you to ride the Vibration of Awesome more and more easily.

The Vibration of Awesome is not hard to achieve, you can achieve it right now if you wish. The trick is maintaining it for peak states of performance and awesomeness at all times of your life.

Just think of a time when you felt like a winner, think of that time where you were just absolutely awesome and extremely proud. It doesn’t matter who you are as everyone has experienced this inner feeling of awesome before.

Close your eyes and visualize that scene, where are you? who were you with? and most importantly, how exactly did you feel inside?

Got it now?

That is the Vibration of Awesome!

Just remember that feeling and begin your journey towards living on the vibration of awesome always.

I look forward to reading your comments below!



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