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Seriously Considering Boycotting Coffee & Alchohol Should I do it?

Quitting Coffee & Alchohol, it’s a definite thought cause I didn’t feel good the other day when I drank coffee and wine together… Sometimes I just can’t help it, and I can accept that. But seriously my thoughts feel that an abstinence from these chemicals could really reset the brain in a positive way. But that’s where that discipline comes in, but is it worth it? I read a book called the Ultramind solution and it talks about using Functional Medicine to heal the body back into balance. It describes how in this world we humans are not operating chemically the way our minds are meant to be running due to the lack of nutrients and the presence of toxins in today’s food. We’ve been culturally customed to take horrible care of our bodies and minds.. I’m no exception to societal mass programming, willpower is the antidote. But the question still remains will I actually quit coffee and alcohol? I rarely indulge in either… is moderation acceptable or can you not have any whatsoever, … What do you think? Hyperstrict limitation (pure) or light moderation?



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