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Raided By The Police – They Took All The Weed

The Police raided the property my camper was parked on. I had nothing to do with this but I was still affected just from being there. They took about 50 pounds of half wet marijuana. Yes, they had a warrant but it was unjustly acquired. This is the police state we live in, if you choose to grow weed in Colorado make sure you cross your T’s and dot your I’s because they will criminally break into your private home and completely violate you if you slip up. We’re still no sure how they found out about the 12 plants that were within the growing limits in Denver, they just used the old pots to justify a warrant even though dude was not over his plant count. Growing outdoor in Denver is not the best idea. Be careful ya’ll, protect yourselves. At this point I’m so over growing marijuana, I’m just going to work my job and trade cryptocurrency. I don’t need all this headache. The power was off for 11 days thanks to these cops and it was really really cold with no heater!



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