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Qi Gong – Understanding Chi Energy Within Your Body

qi gong health benefitsThrough regular Qi Gong practice you can feel great all the time. Your overall health and mood improve. Your mind and body along with your aura become stronger as you develop your chi energy.

After personally experiencing the miraculous benefits of a consistent daily yoga practice in my life, I knew there was something about Qi gong worth exploring.

Since I have adopted Qi Gong into my life, I notice every time immediately after practicing  increased energy levels within my body and usually the rest of my day just flows harmoniously.

The video below is a great overview into understanding how Qi Gong works.

Understanding Qi Gong & Buiding Your Qi


Qigong_chi_kungfuI remember back in 2012 on a pacific beach of Costa Rica I was introduced to Qi Gong by a friend who had been practicing everyday for years.That next year he made a million dollars and has continued to do so every year since.

I’m not saying Qi Gong will make you rich but I am saying it provides greater control of the energy flowing in your life. This guy is on another level and through consistency became very powerful in being able to wield the universal forces in his life.

I look to him as a great example of what is possible through focused discipline. These ancient arts of energy work enhance our human experience to new heights. When you learn to control the energy in your body your life begins to change in a positive way.

The next video picks up where we left off and give us a deeper understanding into the internal working of Qi Gong.


Strengthening Your Chi with Qi Gong

TAiChi qi gongQi Gong is an excellent path to maintain longevity and balance in the body. As we age our body’s hormone production reduces and other processes in our body begin to slow down. Through developing and storing a strong flow of chi within ourselves we invest in our future health  and well being.

Think about the fact that with in the next seven years your body will regenerate and replace every cell inside of it’s self. That means you will become a completely new you, physically speaking.

So literally the person you physically exist as today will not exist in seven years.  Who you are today and your habits whether positive or negative will impact the development of your new cells. The blueprint of these new cells will be dependent on the programming you are giving your body and mind today. Through Qi Gong we are able to program these cells in our favor.

Ever wonder why some people just get unhealthier and healthier as they age. While others seem to get better and better? A lot of it comes down to programming of the mind, discipline and a proper nutrition. Everything you do today is programming how the new cells will be when they regenerate. It is your decision and yours alone to make the commitment to optimal health and a long life.

The final video is this series dives into just that and much more.

Optimizing Health Longevity with Qi Gong

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