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The Vibration of Awesome coexists quite awesomely with the Paradigm of Abundance.

The Paradigm of Abundance is a shift that occurs within as well outside of the physical self. It reaches outward effecting the physical world around you enabling your thriving nature to further flourish. This is the paradigm shift that occurs when the financial suppression of society no longer effects you in any means of limitation, decreased happiness or stress.

Essentially in your own life, money and resources are no longer in lack, you have everything you need at every time you need it. If something is not available to you as a resource then you have the means to attain it. This state of consciousness must happen within before the outside world reflects the Paradigm of Abundance.

The Paradigm of Abundance is not required to attain peak states in the Vibration of Awesome but it is an incredible means of amplifying the VOA. The Paradigm of Abundance allows for more freedom, movement and expression as a human being on this planet.

Healing the lack vibration

For the majority of this planet there is a vibration of lack sounding loud through out their inner operating systems. Once the world as a whole can attune to the Paradigm of Abundance the lack mentality of this planet will be healed.

Right now people are told by their outside world that there is not enough for them, or anyone else. We are taught from an early age that we have to beat others to the pie in order to survive or else you go hungry and there won’t be enough for you.

We are stimulating the vibration of lack every time we decide we had better pinch that penny, eat less healthy, or make any other sacrifice in life due t0 financial limitations as if “there will not be enough for me“.

Though for many of us starting our journey to reach the paradigm of abundance, the fact that resources may be unavailable now can make difficult to believe that there will be more in the future.

Think for a moment… what is the worst that could happen if you didn’t have enough money to eat? Would you die? Probably not, I’m sure most of the readers have been in a similar situation before. We all have at least once in our lives been hungry and had nothing. But we didn’t die did we? Eventually we find food some way some how, if we didn’t have money perhaps we some how found some money to buy food. So at some point we became taken care of when we couldn’t take care of ourselves.

The first step to over coming lack mentality is to know that no matter what you are taken care of.

This is where faith has a huge part in making the transition to the Paradigm of Abundance. Regardless of religion, just believe that there is a higher power that has seen over you this far through your ups and downs. That higher source of power has seen to it that you survived your life as long as you did, if you didn’t have some form of higher purpose why would this higher power have kept you around this long?

You are special, unique and full of higher purpose that is waiting to be awakened. You just have to tap into it and believe that you have everything you need already inside you. Fretting over materialistic things such as money, food and shelter will only limit you and prevent you from your full potential.

You don’t have to be reach rich to thrive in the paradigm of abundance but it certainly is awesome if wealth and abundance flows from your finger tips. This current society is full of resources that will allow you to do incredible things and will be available to you once you reach the Paradigm of Abundance and choose to have money.

Detach and tap into the Paradigm of Abundance

Having money is Not what the Paradigm of Abundance is about.

The paradigm is about having more than enough to be content, happy and thrive on this planet without limitation. There are plenty of people that choose this lifestyle with very limited resources but are still able to due to their detachment from money and knowing they will be just fine and well taken care of by a higher source of power.

If you are currently attached to money, begin the practice of just giving it away. The more money you just give away and the more generous you can be to others in all forms will begin to turn the valve of awesomeness connected to the Paradigm of Abundance.

Remember you are completely taken care of at all times.

I would recommend you make the decision to take the next step in the Paradigm of Abundance and become completely limitless in your available resources. You will first need to connect with your higher purpose and passion.

Ask yourself: “What exactly do I  want to create here on Earth?

As human beings we are creators, we have left a legacy over the centuries based on what we have created. In many cases creating greatness does require resources and for many of us those resources must be acquired. Through harnessing a flow of resources and knowing that they will be readily available takes actually acting and doing what needs to be done to get them.

You have to put an emotional drive behind the Paradigm of Abundance before you actually attain it. Once you attain, you build upon what you have attained. You are reaching for a flow of abundance, it will come with persistence and building upon small victories. The Vibration of Awesome is a tool to get you to the Paradigm of Abundance, Through peak states of awesomeness we are able to do and create more, the more we create the more we receive from the creation. You must look at the bigger picture behind your purpose and passion. Eventually the resources will flow like a volcano, but first you must create your volcano.

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