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90% of your potential lies waiting

reach your potentialThe journey to sustained levels of greatness in the Vibration of Awesome requires tapping into this 90% of hidden power. The tool we use to access this tremendous resource is the mind.

When actively going through our days we are making decisions, and carrying out tasks that we ask our bodies to do for us. Believe it or not you are only using 10% of your brain to  do most of what you do in a day

Through years of growth we have programmed a sub layer of ourselves to operate and react a certain way based on experience, learning over time the best way to handle an experience. This sub conscious as it is referred to can be related to that of the operating system for a computer.

Your Internal Operating System

mind operating systemWhether it be Mac, Windows or Linux there is always a user that controls or operates the operating system. The user does not know every nook and cranny of how the operating system works, the user just knows his way around the files. He then points, clicks and allows the computer itself to complete the task. The computer knows exactly what to do on a much deeper level of how to complete the task. Ask a human to write the code and execute the command and I guarantee you 99% if not more of humans would have a very difficult time completing the action.

So essentially we are the user of a far more advanced computer and operating system within our minds. Through out our day we point and click allowing our sub conscious to make the precise calculations necessary to do everything down from solving complex problems to something so simple such as reaching for a phone on a table.

How optimized and virus clean is your operating system?

It is downright impossible to grow up in this world without catching a number of viruses that have our sub conscious systems bogged down preventing operation at peak performance.  These viruses come in an infinite variety and can effect you today regardless of when you caught them.

At sometime in our lives we come to a point where we realize the blocks that are within us. These blocks can effect you for the rest of your life unless you drop them now. Some of these viruses or blocks are embedded deep within your sub conscious emotions and in most cases are.

Regardless, these blocks are hidden within 90% hidden mind power potential. Look at it is as a valve of awesome energy that became rusted shut. To achieve your full potential each one of these valves must have its rust cleaned away and the valve opened completely, thus allowing awesomeness energy to flow through you.

mind powerThrough vibrating at the Vibration of Awesome we are basically repairing the system, writing new lines of code (new nueral pathways), and killing the viruses that have been slowing the system down for years.

By rewriting new lines of code, your sub conscious mind will begin to keep a hold of the code that works best and disregard the old code that didn’t allow you to thrive at full potential.

The Vibration of Awesome is not an over night process to achieve but can be felt almost instantly of one allows them self. To simplify the V.O.A. for you, you essentially are learning to use your mind in the best possible way for the most fullest, fulfilling, thriving human experience.

It is a journey and will take time but it is best you begin your journey to mastering your mind as soon as you can, which mean right now.

Tools of The Jedi

The following are advanced tools that have been found crucial to developing one’s Inner Jedi on the path to true mastery.

  • Guardian Alliance – This something the world has been needing for a very long time. It takes you at your own pace towards developing your unique gifts and abilities to greater serve this world. It goes deep and their Initiation course is very informative, powerful and best of all costs you nothing. These people are paving the way for our planets future, helping you tap into your purpose and making a difference in countless lives. I highly recommend this community and this
  • Alpha Influence – This is something very special and it absolutely changed my life. The creator of Alpha Influence Ryan Angelo I personally met and was guided to studying this material intensely over the last 3 years of my life starting at the end of 2013. It’s an in depth course 16 weeks long and at this point I’ve gone through the course many many times, each time unlocking more than the time before. I am a student of Alpha influence for life. It’s also rather exclusive as you can no longer just buy the course, in order to have access you will need to request access from Ryan himself as he takes this very seriously. Click the image to learn more about A.I. and contact Ryan, be sure to mention that you found Alpha Influence through the Vibration of Awesome.Mastery TrainingThe path to the Jedi and true mastery is not an easy one but well worth the effort and perseverance to master one’s self. Daily practice and ritual are a must and these tools without a doubt will assist you on your journey.

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