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Indigo Children Test – What Makes You An Indigo Adult, Indigo Child?

Indigo Children Test? How To Tell If You Are An Indigo Child

You could take a poll like Indigo children test to tell if you are an indigo child but really if you are an Indigo child, Indigo Adult…You already know it.

Indigo ChildrenAre you consciously observing the world around you as something so much more than what it seems the rest of the human race sees it as.Do you feel the human race is in dire need of help?

Do you have a heart that screams to assist this planet realize itself in beautiful harmonic flow of abundance and joy that it was meant to be experienced in?

Were you diagnosed or told you probably had either ADD, ADHD or any other of these similar so called “disorders”? That right there is clear positive test result of the indigo children test. there is something special about the ADD kids..

Indigo, Do you know that you are here for a purpose?

Can you feel it in your bones this sense of understanding but not understanding that you are where you are meant to be right now and that for some reason you have lived one of the most craziest lives that one could possibly imagine to make you evolve into the incredibly unique soul that you are as a result of the crazy abnormal things you have experienced.. waiting for that moment that you were designed for?

Every moment you were designed for up until now when you understand and realize that the time is now to harness the true nature of this matrix reality.

Do You Pass The True Indigo Children Test?

My Indigo and Crystalline family, the true indigo children test is always in the midst of our reality.

Many of you are Sleeping… It’s 2013, time to awaken my family….


Indigo Adult Light Workers Unite

We have a mission, you’ve always know it was there and the true Indigo children test awaits… we are destined for global change, Our purpose is global change.

We the Indigos of Earth exist to aid this planet transition into a thriving vibration of love and global abundance.

The shift starts within, we must become in control of our own lives and lead by example as true creators of reality…

Here is the thing, lets de-mystify this and just come to terms with it…

You Are A Vibrational Being

Like Attracts Like Vibration

What Vibration You Broadcast Matches The Vibration You Receive

You’ve Created Everything Up To This Point, Take 100% Ownership


Now that we have the fact cleared that we do create our own reality, It’s Time To Master This Universe Thing

It may be a challenge at first but I assure you that a massive shift in your reality can be accomplished in 90days…You can design your reality, the best resource I have to truly help you understand this is an audio series called Your Wish Is Your Command <—Download It Free

Another source to put this into perspective the book Ask and It Is Given by Esther & Jerry Hicks, Download it Free —> Here

So How Do We Pass The Indigo Children Test Into A New Paradigm of Earth?

Indigo adultsBy mastering our own realities and inspiring others to do the same.

Eventually what will happen is we will hit critical mass of human creation and more and more people will begin to wake up understanding the truth about their existence on this 3rd dimensional plane. As we Indigo Children and Indigo Adults begin to do the impossible before the eyes of the unawake there will be no escape for them other than to wake up to this truth.

I AM going to spend about $5,000,000 on a human flight research facility because I know anything the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve and I understand the Law of Attraction is powerful than the law of gravity… Using these techniques, I intend to have those funds and ground broke on the research facility by the year 2018

When we break that barrier of reality and start flying with nothing but our mind propelling us and the rest of the world sees this, do you think the human race will continue in the same direction? I think not!

Not only human flight but other things as well, we are all here for a different purpose in regards to this huge equation of the golden age on planet Earth, mine is just discovering human flight and create a team of united indigo Adults

Indigo Adults United We Will Alter The course Of This Planet

It’s time to end this article…

Look! It’s 2013, the world didn’t END because we were destined to help the world BEGIN!

But it wasn’t going to be instant gratification like so many 2012 enthusiast speculated…

The Golden Age…It’s dependent on our actions…

Now Rise My Indigo Family!

Awaken To Your True Purpose On Planet Earth.

The Ultimate Indigo Children Test



Bless us with your unique insight