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How Do I Renew My Energy? Large Dose of Yoga: Qi Gong: Meditation To Recenter Thy Ritual

How do I renew my energy? First it takes being aware that my energy is out of whack in the first place. If we lose touch with our core amidst the chaos it can come quick like a brick to the dick. (;-P lol, sorry it rhymed, I couldn’t help myself!) … Then making the conscious effort to free yourself is the next step. Typically getting away from all distractions and then engaging in a discipline will snap you right back into your true self, that unstoppable powerful creator. In this case I escaped the city into the mountains of Evergreen, Colorado where I engaged in a trifecta infused practice of Qi Gong, Yoga and Meditation but even just getting away and breathing can be effective when we feel the need to rest, renew, and recharge our energy & soul. This is how I renew my energy when I lose my ground, but I must say it’s better to keep our vessel well lubricated through consistent practice of discipline on the daily. It’s worth it if you can do it, personally I’m back and forth with the consistency but that escape to recenter always puts me right back where I need to be even if I don’t manage to practice for a few days. Life be crazy, it’s not always easy but we can get back up and keep at it so that we feel our best as much as we possibly can. The more we feel good the more we are attracting more to feel good about into our existence.



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