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Reiki Infused Haircuts With The Best Hair Stylist in St. Pete

Reiki Infused haircut

 The Most Healing Haircut of My Life

One frustrating challenge I have dealt with my whole life is finding that one hair stylist that I can actually trust not to screw up my hair and actually make it look amazing.

I’m pretty sure I found her, and this girl is not your average hairstylist, this beautiful sobeforafterhaircutul brings a very special light to the work she does.

In my life it seemed to be a repeat occurrence that every hairstylist would leave me feeling disappointed and resentful. I would be stuck, feel depressed and have no choice but to suck it up and deal with not being satisfied with my hair until it grew out again. A feeling like something you worked so hard for was stolen from you like a ninja in the night.

It’s quite disheartening to pay full price for a haircut you’re not happy with, having to wait forever for new growth and by that time hopefully you find someone who knows on an intuitive level exactly what is right for you and your hair. If you happen to be local, as in St. Petersburg/ Tampa, FL area then you’re in luck. 🙂


What Kat Von Frenck does is special and unique to her.

She puts 111% of her heart and soul into the session with her client, She works as a channel allowing spirit to guide her while through the practice of Reiki (Energy Healing) invoking the release of that which does not serve you with every clip of your hair she removes.

She listens to your hair, listens to her heart and just flows…

I didn’t have to say a word, I just sat down and trusted her.

She entranced me into meditation as I sat in her chair. I became so relaxed I didn’t even consciously realize she had begun cutting my hair until about 10 minutes in. That really says something because I have always been so tense with anyone touching my hair because lets face it, so many, so called “hair stylists” have screwed my hair up, badly.

My hair is a big piece of me, its part of my soul and Kat has taught me we have to take proper care of it. Over time our hair can pickup and store stagnant energies that really weigh us down. I had no idea how much weight I was carrying until it was clipped away. My hair was carrying a lot more weight than I realized which needed to be released from my life. Through Kat’s Reiki Healing Hair Styling this was catalyzed.

besthaircuteverI must say I am more than thrilled with the physical outcome of this particular haircut than I have ever been in my entire 28 years on this planet.

I feel amazing and I actually feel like I look amazing, something I’m not used to feeling, it’s definitely a new sensation for me. I’d say this experience with Kat taking scissors to my head has allowed for a huge boost in my confidence as well.

So much of my hair  just doesn’t exist on my head anymore, she somehow thinned it out and made it look all rockstar-ish. Its one of those haircuts I’ve have never had the skills to articulate into manifestation but I knew I’ve always wanted. It was nail on the head, she definitely has talent and I’d say the universe works with her to make the magic happen.

After this haircut, I feel light as a feather!

As with our fruits, veggies and other humanly items, I believe It is well worth the energy to find a local solution to all of your human needs, Even haircuts.:)

As far as my haircut needs are concerned; Kat Von Frenck is officially my hair stylist for probably ever, unless I’m halfway across the world and even then still I may wait.

Plus she is way more affordable than going to a mainstream hair salon. If you’re not in the Tampa Bay area you may be able to find a Reiki Master who cuts hair locally, but truthfully Kat is unique to anyone I have ever met and if you’re going to be in the area she is worth checking out.

She is also the owner of Born2Fly Studios, She does all sorts of metaphysical awesomeness from Reiki, Crystal healing, Tarot Readings, House Cleanings and whole lot more.

If you would like to book an appointment with Kat you can easily Find her on Facebook, call or text her at 727-453-2032 or request an appointment through her website at

And just so you know the Sacred Circle gathering she hosts twice a month are very healing.

Through her Sacred Circle is how I came to know Kat. In the short time I’ve known, she has had a profoundly positive impact on my life. I am very grateful to have found her.:)

If you are looking for the best hair stylist in St. Pete or Tampa…

Kat Von Frenck, hands down.


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