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Watch InterReflections 2017 – Taking Back Earth

This is Important, Interreflections 2017 by Peter Joseph… This film set to be released this fall I feel is a very important film for all humans to watch and I haven’t even seen it yet at the time of this video. This is about taking back our planet Earth, an absolute must in this century. Also Zeitgeist and Thrive; What in the world will it take are great films to get up to speed on. This one however is an inspiration, I can tell because I’ve watched the Interreflections trailer countless times and it always leaves me inspired. Our world is being destroyed and those of us exist that must step to the plate to deliver this planet into the hands of those who care and will preserve our one and only habitat; Mother Gaia Earth Pachamama. There still is not an official Interreflections release date but I anticipate with great excitement the day Peter Joseph releases this film. Also be sure check out the films Zeitgeist Addendum and Thrive. They are right in line with creating a world that works for everyone. You can watch the Interreflections trailer here:



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