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The Intention To Find Balance and Self Love

love yourself fortune cookieSelf Love... Is some hard fucking shit to deal with sometimes.

Falling out of balance can really hinder our ability to love thyself. Its something I’ve recently had to learn yet again and again, no surprise there.

Will the lesson ever be learned and perma-balance my state into a constant of Self Love and Bliss?

Maybe, maybe not. Yin and yang, polarities, masculine and feminine, positive, negative, opposites, the up and down, ebb and flow always exists but then again maybe there is a way to hack the human experience 😉

Kiss yourself today. You are worth it! Look in the mirror and say “I love you!”

You’ve made it this far on Planet Earth and you know better than anyone that it has not been an easy task to get where you are today.

So give your self some praise and appreciation to your entire being for surviving the harsh conditions of this planet for this long cause You Are A Rockstar! 😉



YOU FUCKING DID IT!…  :mrgreen:


Check out these dope affirmations.

affirmations self love

Credits: The art I found in Google, however the affirmations I used in creating this image are from a manifesting manual package I purchased back in 2009 through Enlightened Beings. It’s fascinating to me how six years later at the age of 29 I am able to understand Jafree Ozwald’s material in ways I just could not comprehend in my early twenties.

 You’re a survivor who deserves the good life.

Ya know, many will have never made it as far as you have in the human experience, as you read these words it literally is only the beginning of the rest of your life!

Take good care of yourself today.

Put the right foods in your body today, maybe exercise with some yoga or do something that brings you joy. Treat yo self to some badass shit, even if it’s just a walk in the woods with your favorite music in your ears. 🙂 … or perhaps no music at all 😉

Chances are under the right light & perspective… It turns out that you’re life is pretty freaking awesome, so be grateful for what you have in your life cause that’s awesome and you know it.self love

When you make the decision from here on out that life is only going to get better and better, things really do start to get better.

So if you are struggling with self love as many of us do on a recurring regular basis. Know you are not a lone and that good things are coming your way.

It’s your belief that makes it real.

You are a Survivor of Earth and that deserves a huge shower of Self Love in the amazingness and uniqueness that is you! 😀

My Intention for everyday of the rest of this year is to Find Balance and cultivation of Self Love with a culmination of outward love to my fellow humans and my entire surroundings as far as my energy can reach.

I will do everything in my power to maintain an abundance minded, positive, loving vibration all day long every day of the week. If I don’t keep it 111% that’s okay, I’m human, I make mistakes.


The more Self Love, Gratitude, Acceptance and all around Love in general that I beam through my existence the easier I feel this will become.

My intention is set, now to let go and allow life to unfold in detachment 🙂

No more attachments to people, places, events, thoughts, ideas, & outcomes…

Freedom on the most internal level imaginable, that’s the idea.

If you feel this article has inspired you in anyway it would be awesome to hear about in the comments below. You can also make a difference through sharing this with your fellow humans on Facebook and stuff. 🙂 

Lots of Love to you!

Namaste 😛


“Jedi Light Warrior”

Matt Jedi Light Warrior