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Rap’e Medicine – Utilizing Sacred Goodness of The Goddess

Rap’e Medicine (pronounced rapay or hapay) is some serious business and if the medicine is calling you you’ll know it. I only utilize this stuff once every month to month and half or so. Though I may do it a few times over the course of a day or two when I do. I just listen to the medicine and allow it to guide me. By the look on my face when I blow into the kuripe how do you think it felt? It’s a combination of pleasant and painful. It sure is grounding, super cleansing and can knock your socks off. I’d recommend utilizing the Rap’e through the guidance a shaman your first time, but if that’s not available you are probably alright on your own, just set your intention and make it a personal ceremony for you. I don’t get compensated in anyway for this but the site I recommend for this sacred medicine is



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