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My Letter To Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein

Below is the hand written letter I gave to Jill Stein in person along with The Presidential Pendant of Peace, Power, and Love. This is to accompany the main article which you can read by clicking the link directly below…

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I believe in you with all my heart and with such belief, I am humbled to bestow upon you;

The Presidential Pendant of Peace, Power, and Love.

This Talisman was specially crafted for you by my own hands. It contains powerful stones carefully chosen to assist you on your mission and journey to the white house.

Chrysycolla inspires verbal expression, a stone of the Goddess energizing the words you speak. It is a powerful aid to truthful communication used by American Indian people to bring a strengthening and calming energy.

Amethyst is a powerful protective stone bringing calm, balance, peacefulness, happiness and contentment. It is powerful in transmuting negative energy into love and protecting the wearer from all types of harm.

Lastly Peridot is a stone of joy, it resonates in the frequency of increase aiding in the manifestation of all desired things, including votes. 🙂 May this lovely little gem increase your confidence, assertiveness, sense of balance through patience and clarity of thought.

This amulet has been bound together in sterling silver and gold filled silver. Anytime things get rough hold this pendant in your hand and repeat the affirmation:

“I Am The President Of The United States of America.”

Feel it in your bones, know it in your soul, no matter what happens remember that you are our president, this world needs you Jill, stay the course and seize our green victory no matter what. Michele who is my lover and I have spent the last week and a half since it’s manifestation channeling all of our love and belief in you into this pendant, the crystals hold the energy well.

Keep this with you and may it serve you as your talisman, may it fill you with all the peace, power and love that you need to bring about the change we must bring to this planet and this country. You can do this and I believe you have already done it. trust with all your heart and know heavenly forces have got your back…

Contact me if you ever need anything, I am here to serve,

Mathew Adair Dunn.