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Is the law of Attraction Real? 3 Key Elements To Manifesting Abundance

Is the law of Attraction Real? 3 Crucial Missing Ingredients

You are in the right place to Learn the truth about this law of attraction thing. We will Answer the question “is the law of attraction real?” and explore the 3 key elements that were stripped from the publicly available information.

Over the last decade more and more information has become available regarding the law of attraction. After movies like “The Secret” stirring up a buzz and then very limited amounts of people accidentally manifesting what they sought after through applying techniques in the movie have led to accusations of the whole law of attraction thing not being real at all.

Law of AttractionThe problem with all this info floating around is the fact that its been stripped of the Key Elements that actually allow the Law of Attraction to properly manifest what you desire.

Why were the key elements kept from the public? Because the Elite Class of people from the secret societies that have withheld this information to keep there position as the 1% rulers of Earth… But we Indigo Badasses are about to END that and Bring Earth Into The golden Age…It’s 2016 Wake up and rage with love!

The Law of Attraction is Real but has it worked for you yet?

Key Element #1 Crystal Clarity:

You must know what you want exactly what you want to create without any contradictory feelings. you must become so clear and hold it in your minds eye until its realization.

Key Element #2 Obsession:

A burning obsession is a very crucial part of the equation, without it you will be unable to hold your intention long enough for it to be able to manifest.

Some gurus will tell you to be balanced with all the love, joy, and harmony in the universe, kiss a crystal and thank the universe and your reality will manifest…That = NO…it just don’t work that wayyou must become absolutely obsessed for a long period of time that could be months before you beam a bright enough vibration to create badassery in your 3rd dimensional physical experience.

Key Element #3 Feel Good Now:

This is probably the most crucial piece of becoming a badass. If you want to create something in this world you absolutely must be in line with the vibration and feeling of how you will feel when this is reality and experience actually occurs in your own life through existing as a vibration that emanates gratitude and the all knowing joy that you already have what you desire.


Of the three key elements mentioned above understand that is so important for you to feel good right now and always be striving to be feeling just a little bit better. When you do this you will be vibrating so immensely that by law what you desire will come to you in record speed.

The trick though is harnessing the ability to always be feeling good now and that journey will take time to master but the reward of manifesting all that you desire is a million times worth the process of getting to that point…practice makes perfect

Is the law of Attraction Real? Get Results

Yes the law of attraction is real, and many have already begun to experience results by applying the correct information. but that is what you must do apply the technique correctly and listen to the right people who will give you the information you need in order to do this. If you can get your hands on it I highly recommend Kevin Trudeau and his Audio course “Your Wish Is Your Command”

Listen to Your Wish Is Your Command over and over and over and over and over again…I’m dead serious

The only other key element that I have left out is to Take Action Now and stop being a wussy and actually take actions towards achieving your bliss.

The law of attraction is very real and I would suggest depending on what you want to create.

It’s pretty wild what can happen when you release your inner badass… In fact I want to encourage you to become a badass right now.

Have fun making the law of attraction work for you!



“Jedi Light Warrior”

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