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Indigo Children Abilities – The Indigo Powers You Possess

Indigo Children Abilities – Awakening To An Indigo Adult

There is a wide array of Indigo Children Abilities that one can posses. Though much information exists the only true understanding you can have is your relationship to your own inner awareness of your Indigo Children Abilities.

Its commonly said that The Indigo Children and Indigo Adults are psychic in nature. You may ask yourself Am I psychic? Am I an Indigo or a crystal child? Go deep and ask within…

You naturally can tune into the frequencies you need to have the questions answered that you ask…indigo children abilities

Now where do your abilities begin? they begin with your acknowledgement of their existence and your own avenue of exploration of what is possible. Are you psychic?

Match up with a friend on a similar wavelength who is down with the universe and begin playing mind games to practice your psychic technique. the thing about you abilities as Indigo child or Indigo Adult, is that you will need to spend time developing your techniques to become a true master of them.

For the majority of Indigo Children that have manifested on this 3rd dimensional planet you have been given gifts but they are not automatically available to freely use.  You must first dive deep to explore what your purpose truly is, what your abilities are and focus on fine tuning these abilities into an well rounded Indigo arsenal.


Indigo Children Abilities – The basis of all the Indigo children abilities

Understand here an now that you are vibration, Indigo or not you are still a vibrational being and capable of harnessing your own source given powers just like the developed over time Indigo children abilities.

Your thoughts create your experience…sure, I know you’ve heard that for years and sometimes it seems true and other times it didn’t and now here you are exactly as you are now ready to experience the next phase in your evolution in 2013.

The Secret, The Law of Attraction Is Real – One of Your Abilities as Indigo Is Harnessing This Truth

You see, if you haven’t been manifesting  your world around you to your desire…you’ve been doing it wrong

Here are two resources to unlocking your natural Indigo Children Abilities that will allow you to create the world around you.

Ask And It Is Given – By Esther & Jerry Hicks (Teachings of Abraham)

Your Wish Is Your Command – Kevin Trudeau  (listen through this 10 times in the next 90 days, you will blow yourself away with where your life will be)

Also Here Is A Video To Help You Shift Into This New Vibration

Indigo Children Abilities – What Next?

Well now you may have decided to embark upon discovering your true path as an Indigo on this planet.



What I will suggest is that you become the master of your own life and then proceed to lead by example. In this society here and now we revolve around something called currency.

There has been a huge myth in regards to money being evil. In fact money is far from evil and the best weapon of mass creation you could possibly acquire.

Understand this Indigo…

Money Is the tool we must use to free the planet…you can acquire all the money you could possibly want. Money is just energy and as such there is no difference between creating $20 and $20,000.

Lets continue rocking our own lives and transition to our greater purpose as fulfilled, happy, abundant examples of the human race vibrating at its full potential.Did you like  this Indigo Children Abilities article?

I look forward to reading your comments below!