brain-manmoonPersonally I struggled forever thinking that I needed somebody to make me feel complete, Happy and Whole.

The right person will find you if you just let go and live YOU. I would let go of one girl, become attached to another and entertain an endless cycle of pain.

Then I finally let go…

But I was attached to my beautiful kitty so much…

he was my best friend and he made me whole.

Then my cat was hit by a car… and my reaction made me realize just how badly I relied on external circumstances to make me feel complete.

It happened for a reason… to teach me… I miss him but now I realize its all in me.

With this post I wish for you to understand and know that you have everything inside you to become whole, complete and fulfilled in life.

Have you read the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle?

Do It! it will help 🙂

Here is the audio book for free on youtube, yay!!

Love & Light