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Comfort Zones & Why You Blast Through Them

A Comfort Zone is a beautiful place. but nothing ever grows there.

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Are you comfortable? If so you might be boring not too mention not growing.

While being comfortable, stable with a solid foundation can be awesome for a grounded center from which to spring forth from. Being too comfortable could be keeping you from evolving into the magnificent human being that you know you truly are… not that you aren’t already magnificent you beautiful human ๐Ÿ˜‰

Do you ever get those butterflies in your stomach? That sensation is usually a pretty good indicator that you are on the edge of your comfort zone. Whether it’s right before a job interview or you see someone super attractive that you’d love to get know but might be to afraid to say hi to, you are teeming on the edge of a comfort zone with an opportunity to seize.

When we feel that uncomfortable sensation we typically have two choices leading to two different outcomes.

One option being to retreat, play small, never stepping up to the plate, living in regret, wondering what could have been if we only made the decision to step through that comfort zone. This type of decision reinforces a pattern of playing small and never reaching for what we could have thus missing opportunity after opportunity.

Or on the other end we can choose to step beyond the edge of our comfort zone, take the risk of messing up, embarrassing ourselves and see whats on the other side thus resulting in personal growth and potentially expansive and unexpected amazing outcome that could blow your mind.

Feel The Fear and Do it Anyway

I remember a time when I was on the edge of my comfort zone, There was a beautiful woman sitting across the sacred fire from me for hours glowing from the fire light in the darkness of the early morning. We were deep into an ayahuasca ceremony and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. She was absolutely beautiful dressed in white ceremonial robes sitting strong in the posture of seated meditation. Her entire presence shined at me, there was something special about her and I knew If I didn’t speak to her I would forever regret it.

Believe me I was scared and for a lot of my past I had come accustomed to not pushing through and acting on what I wish I had the courage to do. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been intrigued by a woman, got the butterflies and then was too much of a wuss to actually say hi thus allowing the opportunity to slip through my fingers, but something was different about me this time around and I wasn’t about to pass this one up.

I waited hours, once the sun came up and the ceremony had ended a brief window of opportunity opened up as she was completely by herself, heart throbbing in my chest, fear telling me to retreat to safety, yet I knew I had no choice but to take this beautiful flower I had just found floating in the river and give it to her… That was over a year ago and to this day our relationship is blooming.

Sometimes I wonder how different my life would be had I never taken a chance and stayed in my comfort zone but i am sure am grateful I pushed past the limits and into a new paradigm. Since this woman has been in my life my soul has expanded in countless ways as a direct result of our union.

Comfort Zones; Divine Opportunity For Growth

Any time you feel uncomfortable, uneasy, if something scares you and you want to turn the other way… Face it head on with no regrets. Everything is perfect in every moment no matter what but the choices you make do control your fate.

When you face these things that you put you on edge you grow and expand in immeasurable new ways. You begin to reach new heights that you couldn’t have possibly imagined! So when you feel the awkwardness, ride it, embrace it, and make it yours!

Recently I had another comfort zone present itself; I was volunteering with Greenpeace for their ‘Jammin For The Planet’ event and little did I know when I showed up there would be an open mic. I just so happened to have my guitar in the car yet I had never played in front of anyone before and the idea of doing so made me feel uneasy. As I was helping setting things up the butterflies arose in my stomach when I realized I had everything I needed right in frontย  of me to expand by doing something I’ve never done before I just had to make the move or remain docile, scared and let this chance pass me by.

Watch the video of me blowing past my fear and shattering my comfort zone:

REMEMBER: You are a powerful unlimited human being, the only limits in life are the ones you place for yourself.

It’s all an illusion and you have the POWER!

Much love,


“Jedi Light Warrior”

Matt Jedi Light Warrior







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