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The Presidential Pendant of Peace, Power, & Love

green_earth_heartRelease All Fear In This 2016 Presidential Election…

Keep Calm, Everything will be Okay and Awesome.

It is very important to understand that you are in the right place at the right time as you take the time to relax and read every single word of this article to the very end…

Wednesday, November 9th 2016


A series of a miraculous events over the last month has left the entire nation shocked and more hopeful for our country’s future than any election ever before after yesterday’s election.


President-Elect Dr. Jill Stein the soon to be first female president of the United States has overcome adversity like no president before her.


What appeared not only less than 2 months ago our newly elected president was down in the polls at only a 2-5% favor then rapidly rose to the top after a viral storm of social media activism awakened the masses to Jill’s candidacy,


Many of Jill’s voters turned their backs on the more well known candidates and turned to Jill as they learned about the The Green New Deal and how not only it will eradicate their student debt but will also boost the economy and usher in the emancipation of our country from modern day slavery.


Through the use of the internet an idea whose time had come spread across the nation like a wildfire that could not be tamed. People of all ages, races, religions, student debt or not banded together to inform and educate the American voter population blowing past the mainstream media outlets enabling all to be aware of their choice of Stein as their new leader.


Democrats and republicans warned that voting 3rd party would bring about their worst fears with dire consequences but the voice of the people has been heard and voters agree that this country is ready for a new proper management.


Environmental Groups from around the globe are applauding Stein for her plan to ensure this country is on track to 100% renewable energy by 2030.


Truly this is a day in history not only for the United States but the entire planet itself.


I Envision A World Where All Humans Are Happy, Secure, Abundant & Thriving

I’m breaking the rules and crossing the line into politics here because it’s become necessary. I’m witnessing a lot of my friends on social media losing hope for humanity, feeling helpless and perceiving our world as going down the toilet due to this election and this emission of negative energy from we the people has to stop. It’s time to turn our frowns upside down and begin believing in and manifesting a future for our planet that works for everyone.

Let’s address the obvious real quick, we live in an oligarchy: “a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution.

It’s a bunch of b.s., we all know it, it’s not fair, it’s not cool, the political elite’s think they own us and as long as YOU believe it they do own you… Realize this truth, they only have power over you if you give it away.

All Is Well, Believe and Expect Good Things 🙂

Let’s get Metaphysical real quick: Thoughts become things! and there is a battle for our minds taking place. There are dark forces at work spending millions to confuse, disillusion and misinform you. So be aware of the lies and rise above them. This planet needs beacons of light to shine bright where darkness looms! You my fellow human are that beacon and it is our duty to spread hope where people have lost it.

When we come together and collectively stand up for what is right for this planet and the future of our children we can do anything! That’s People Power! That’s what makes all the difference!

We can’t wait another 4 years and neither can the other 7.4 billion people on this planet. We have a chance NOW and we must stand together to realize a president that will protect our planet, promote peace and get us on the right track once and for all putting people over profit. What the United States does directly effects the rest of the world, we have to change management NOW. The stakes of this election are way to high, this is a global crisis far greater than what happens just in our country alone.

Lo and behold…

“The Presidential Pendant of Peace, Power, and Love”

presidential-pendant-peace-power-This little beauty was crafted by my own hands for the woman I believe with all my heart very well could become The First Female President of the United States and I’m not talking about unworthy Hillary Clinton.

It’s made of Amethyst, Chrysycolla and Peridot bound in silver and gold wire.

Jill Stein wearing the Presidential Pendant of Peace, Power & love. :)

Jill Stein wearing the Presidential Pendant of Peace, Power & love. 🙂

During it’s creation so much love and intention was put into this piece and once it was completed myself and the woman I love spent nearly two weeks, wearing it, meditating with it, channeling our belief into it, imagining, visualizing and feeling what it feels like when this special person defeats all the odds stacked against her flipping the vote and winning this year’s election.

Then she came to town and we bestowed it up on her a long with a letter (which you can read below) expressing the power and magic held within. Wow was she ever so humble, she said she was “so honored” and with a smile “This is above my pay grade“. I was so honored to be able to clasp the necklace around her neck and stand next to her as she wore The Presidential Pendant of Peace, Power and Love so magnificently.

The amazing woman and presidential candidate I am speaking of is none other than Jill Stein of the United State’s Green Party. In my humble opinion she is worth voting for as we can’t afford another politician in the White House that doesn’t have their heart in the best interest of we the people and our planet.

Jill, I believe in you with all my heart and with such belief, I am humbled to bestow upon you; “The Presidential Pendant of Peace, Power, and love.” This Talisman was specially crafted for you by my own hands. It contains powerful stones carefully chosen to assist you on your mission and journey to the white house. Chrysycolla inspires verbal expression, a stone of the Goddess energizing the words you speak. It is a powerful aid to truthful communication used by american indian people to bring a strengthening and calming energy. Amethyst is a powerful protective stone bringing calm, balance, peacefulness, happiness and contentment. It is powerful in transmuting negative energy into love and protecting the wearer from all types of harm. Lastly Peridot is a stone of joy, it resonates in the frequency of increase aiding in the manifestation of all desired things, including votes. :) May this lovely little gem increase your confidence, assertiveness, sense of balance through patience and clarity of thought. This amulet has been bound together in sterling silver and gold filled silver. Anytime things get rough hold this pendant in your hand and repeat the affirmation: “ I Am The President Of The United States of America.” Feel it in your bones, know it in your soul, no matter what happens remember that you are our president, this world needs you Jill, stay the course and seize our green victory no matter what. Michele who is my lover and I have spent the last week and a half since it’s manifestation channelling all of our love and belief in you into this pendant, the crystals hold the energy well. Keep this with you and may it serve you as your talisman, may it fill you with all the peace, power and love that you need to bring about the change we must bring to this planet and this country. You can do this and I believe you have already done it. trust with all your heart and know heavenly forces have got your back… Contact me if you ever need anything, I am here to serve, Mathew Adair Dunn.


If you are having trouble reading my hand writing just hover over the image, right click, and “open link in new tab to read the entire letter typed out.

Whether you believe in metaphysics or not you can’t deny the power of belief and intention. If you believe you can do anything, and if a collective of people believe we can achieve and overcome anything.

A People Powered United States

I believe Jill Stein has what it takes to seize the white house this election. Be discerning to the media mind control tactics that have been brainwashing the masses for years that voting 3rd party is a wasted vote. It has become more obvious than ever in this 2016 Presidential Election that a vote for any of the 2 lesser evils to prevent a Clinton or Trump presidency is just that; a wasted vote.

2evilsA vote for Jill Stein on the other hand is a vote rejecting evil entirely and embracing the greater good.

I really want to encourage you with this article to decide for yourself that Jill Stein is the best option for turning our crumbling country back around into the amazing land it was meant to be.

Educate yourself, learn about the Green New Deal, Learn about how we can bail out the 40 million Americans trapped in student debt and get our country on track to 100% renewable energy by 2030. A good place to start is

Educate yourself on the mathematical reality that we only need 43 million votes to win this thing.

Watch this quick video that demonstrates how possible it is for us to elect a president that is neither the lying warmonger Hillary Clinton or the mentally challenged Bigot Donald Trump.

When I saw this video 2 days ago it was at 2 million views, now it’s at 7 million and rising! Do our country a favor and share this video on your Facebook timeline. The more content we have going viral right now opening the mind’s of voters to see and believe that we actually can elect someone worth voting for other than Democrat or Republican in this 2016 Election. The sooner we rise together and elect a proper president the sooner we live in a truly free country and ultimately a free world.

This is not pie in the sky, and a much better alternative than voting for candidates who lie, can’t be trusted and will further serve their own personal and corporate interests over what’s best for our country, our planet and our species.

The reason 3rd parties are polling so low are due to design by a rigged system/ biased media to keep them out of the spotlight and out of the debates because they pose a threat to the establishment, Especially Jill Stein due to the extreme positive change her policies bring that would cripple the stranglehold the elite’s have had over this country for the last century.

These “official” polls exclude millennials and do not represent proper numbers. If you have paid any attention to the bought out media you’ve noticed it’s predominately pro Clinton. The multitude of truths in which Wikileak’s has exposed Hillary Clinton have hardly been mentioned on the media. With this apparent bias in the controlled news feed we must come to the internet to spread truth and educate those who are waking up in this crucial time before the election. Here is more evidence of the bias present within the mainstream media.

There are more people waking up and coming around every day as this election comes to end.

We Must Believe In What’s Possible

How we prevail is uncertain, however it’s important to believe and know we got this. Believe in this country and our ability to rise above the corruption. Know it, feel it, sense it in your bones that we the people will regain control over our country, our planet and our future one way or another…new_world

This election is a chance for us to take it back, but no matter what happens remember that we will prevail, we will live in a free world, we will heal this planet, we will course correct everything, reverse climate change, clean our oceans, protect our forests and overcome all challenges we face in this world. It may look dark now but have faith and trust with all your heart that a positive new world awaits us, we just have to do the work to rebuild it.

Please take action in some way, get creative, share this post, share the above video, become active on social media, make a video to endorse the candidate you believe in, make some noise and let the world know we are ready to take back this planet into the hands of good…

But most importantly get out there and vote!

I leave you with this, please vote for who you truly believe in, vote with your heart and relinquish your fear… Because fear, that’s how they control you, Be in control

It’s our destiny and our future, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

There will be a day when we will look back and feel proud of all that we did and overcame to bring balance to this beautiful planet we call home.

I look forward to reading your positive comments below!



“Jedi Light Warrior”

Matt Jedi Light Warrior